PulseId and itemId in webhooks

We have aligned our API for the webhook events: 

Important: Improved error when populating the person column

In one week, you will see a descriptive error when you try to add a user to a person column when the user is not assigned to the board.

Important: New error when querying items by column values

In one week, providing a nonexistent board in a “items_by_column_values” query will result in a 500 error.

Important: New error for create_notification mutation

In one week, sending an invalid user ID in a create_notification mutation will result in a 500 error.

Items query will now allow a limit of 0

The items query is changing to return no items when the limit is set to 0.

Introducing board type

You can now retrieve the type of the boards using the type field!

Introducing user language via the API

You can now query for a user's language via the API!

Introducing the ability to retrieve an item's email address via the API

You can now retrieve an item’s email address via the API!

New feature: delete a board via the API

You can now delete your board via the API by using the delete board mutation!

Breaking changes: strict validation for column values after Oct 11

From October 11th, 2022, we'll be validating the JSON you send to update column values. Sending unexpected values will return an error. For example: