Added "subitems" field to item queries

You can now query items and get information about the related sub-items within the same query. You can find out more about this option in the Subitems section.


Added `complexity` field to mutations

We recently added the ability to query complexity in all mutations, in addition to queries.


New bucket complexity limits for apps

We recently made a change to our API complexity limits for apps. From now on, read and write actions will be broken into 5 million buckets each.


Added support for Dependency column mutations via API

You can now create dependency columns via the API, as well as update their column values. You can find more info on the values this column supports in our Column Types Reference here.


Deprecated `pos` field for columns

The pos field for columns has now been deprecated. If included in any column queries, the value will be returned null.


Change in mirror column settings, to support multi-board mirrorring

Mirror columns can now be connected to multiple columns on different boards. Therefore, the settings_str for any mirror columns that support this functionality will have a different JSON structure.


Added `parent_item` Field for Items Queries

We released a new field parent_item when querying items that will allow you to see parent item data when querying your subitems.


Added subitem event webhooks

We now support subscribing to sub-item events with Webhooks. You can use the Integration Center, as well as the API to do so.


Added `Items_by_multiple_values` method

We released a new items_by_multiple_values method that will allow you to query your items using multiple column values within a single column.


Added mutation-specific rate limits for duplicate board and duplicate group mutations

Added mutation-specific rate limits, based on the number of API calls made within a minute for the following mutations: