Planned Changes

Learn about scheduled changes and upcoming deprecations planned for the GraphQL API. For a full list of updates, see our API Changelog

Upcoming Changes

October 11th 2022: We'll be validating the JSON you send to update column values. See morehere

October 3rd 2022: Later this year, we will be adding new limits to the root Items query, e.g. the ids argument is now required and you cannot return more than 100 items per query. See more here

May 15th 2022: We have begun deprecating the [myaccountslug] endpoint. The correct endpoint to use is See more here

August 1st 2021: The pos field for columns has now been deprecated. If included in any column queries, the value will be returned null. See more here

Recent Changes

July 1st 2021: We have aligned our API for the webhook events: create_subitem, delete_subitem and archive_subitem. They now return itemId and pulseId when the event is triggered. See more here

July 1st 2021: A more descriptive error has been made for when a user is added to a person column and the user is not assigned to the board. See more here

July 1st 2021: Providing a nonexistent board in a “items_by_column_values” query will now result in a 500 error. See more here

July 1st 2021: Sending an invalid user ID in a create_notification mutation will now result in a 500 error. See more here

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